mission statement


Some people only find art meaningful when it makes them dig for some deeper meaning about life and the world they’re living in. I think that art should have meaning, but it is allowed to be whatever we want it to be. I paint because it is my favorite thing to do and my moment of peace. I don’t always paint to tell a story or make my audience believe in one thing or another. I want you to believe in whatever you want to believe, but I want you to enjoy the world while doing so. I hope to share the world as I see it, whether it is in a fairly accurate manner, with minimal abstraction, or in a thick, fast paced, impasto style. I want my artwork to be a sensation of realizing that the truly amazing art of the world already exists, we just have to look and see that it’s right in front of us. It’s whatever we would like it to be.


I am a graduate of Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's in Studio Art. I work, live, and paint locally. I am always experimenting with different forms of painting to keep my mind and my skills fresh. My work ranges from realistic portraits of animals to impasto palette knife landscapes.I practice my craft every day so that I can continually learn about what I love to do.

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