Pressed Flower Jewelry

Painting is my passion, but sometimes I find myself needing to create in other ways. For this reason, I created a line of pressed flower jewelry, that is both inspired by, and made of, nature. 

Each piece of jewelry is created using a genuine pressed leaf or flower. I collect the flowers either from my backyard on nature walks or hikes with my dogs (or in some cases, already pressed flowers found through a select few small businesses). I often use stones or crystals to complete each design. Because of the unique variation of the product I use, no piece of jewelry is the same.

Pressed flower jewelry is both delicate and light, yet strong enough for regular daily wear. Please take care not to store in direct sunlight, as natural fading can occur, and do not submerge in water.

As this is a side hobby of mine, I try to use materials that will keep the cost of this line of jewelry more desirable. I always use sterling coated earring wires and can use sterling chain upon request. 

Available jewelry can be found via etsy:

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